Announcing Camp Bestival 2019

LINE UP LINE UP! It’s only the video we produced for @campbestival to announce the 2019 line up. Thanks to everyone who made it happen: @hungermama, @gayle_haddock, @vickywooandaudreyboo, @angel.a..brooks, @becksarama, @quickbrownfoxuk, and of course the amazing @_ladyland who organised costumes (thanks as well to @iwishiwasa who provided some amazing superhero accessories and the @thebrightcompany for their kids pj’s), shot the footage and gave up her entire home for the day. We are really excited to be working with @campbestival this year and with a line up like this we are counting down the days watch the video to see full line up and watch this space for more exciting announcements. #campbestival2019 #foxitup #imwiththebrand #brandaid

Kapow! Calling all superheroes, heroes and heroines! The Camp Bestival crew today unveil the first big bang of headliners set to take to the skies at the UK's much loved biggest and best family festival in Lulworth Castle from the 25th - 28th July 2019.
Camp Bestival 2019

A Very Modern Birthday Party

On Friday 16th November, Hustle & Fox produced and hosted a super special ‘pastel’ party to celebrate the 3rd birthday of The Modern Nursery: the award winning, aspirational and social lifestyle store showcasing contemporary nursery décor, furniture and toys for the modern family.

Laura Modern Nursery

In just three years, Laura Williams, founder of The Modern Nursery, has built a successful business using the power of social media, and specifically Instagram. With 100K+ followers on Instagram (97k before the party!), Laura has harnessed the influential power of the platform by building strong relationships, not being afraid to be kind in business and smart marketing. 

The party was held at London’s Soho House on Dean Street and, in line with The Modern Nursery’s brand, required guests to wear pastels. Hustle & Fox chose the somewhat controversial dress code (in November!) to allow Laura to maintain her light, bright Instagram feed even though this was a glitzy nighttime event. Not all guests were delighted with the dress code but…here’s the thing: it got everyone talking and resulted in significant traction on Instagram which lead to a sharp increase in sales for The Modern Nursery over the following weekend. 

The Modern Nursery Birthday Party.jpg

Guests included the best of social media’s parenting cohort - a chance for Laura to thank them for all their support over the last three years. 

Photos by Charlotte Gray at Emily Gray Photography

Flower wall from South East Flower Walls

Cake made by Susan Al-Safadi

Cake topper Other Letters

Happy 5th Wonderbly Birthday

On Saturday, Hustle & Fox worked with Wonderbly to create a 5th birthday party. Complete with cake, the fabulous Miss Ballooniverse, children’s entertainers Sharky & George, treasure hunts and craft activities, influencers, bloggers, journalists and celebrities descended up Wonderbly’s uber cool head quarters to celebrate in style. 

Frankie Bridge  reading The Splendid Things My Voice Can Do

Frankie Bridge reading The Splendid Things My Voice Can Do

Hosted by The Saturday’s, Frankie Bridge, children and parents were treated to a special reading of the book by Frankie followed by an introduction to the brand and the journey it’s been on. Wonderbly are about to sell their 4,000,000th book which, in our ‘book’ (excuse the pun!) is reason enough to celebrate. Not only is that great news for the brand, but it’s also great news for every child given a copy of their own Wonderbly book as research shows that personalisation helps increase engagement in reading and thus foster a lifelong love for reading.

Hustle & Fox are proud to have worked with Wonderbly on what is a huge achievement for the brand and one that will have a long-lasting, positive effect on children worldwide. 

Photography by Luke Fullalove.

A Wonderbly Birthday

Last night Wonderbly, creators of magical personalised books for kids, kicked off their 5th birthday celebrations in serious style. Hustle & Fox were proud to work with them to curate an highly influential guest list and an amazing panel that included mum-blogger Susie J Verrill  flexible working warrior and instead, Matt Farquharson (a.k.a. Papa Pukka) and co-founder of Wonderbly, David Cadji-Newby.

Hosted by Wonderbly at their amazing Headquarters in East London, the most influential parents on social media attended. The panel discussed the idea of sparking creativity in our children and how we do that. The discussion talked about phonic vs. reading for joy, the positive effects of personalisation on engagement and the age-old battle of technology vs. storytelling and whether that, indeed, needs to be a battle at all. 

The celebrations continue on Saturday morning with a ‘birthday party’ hosted by The Saturdays' Frankie Bridge where the kids will help us celebrate with games, treasure hunts and activities. 

Photography by Luke Fullalove


LONDON, October 11th 2018: Last night saw press, bloggers, influencers, parents and businesses come together to mark the official launch of Cuckooz Nest, London’s first fully-flexible, pay-as-you-go, Ofsted-registered Nursery with adjacent workspace for parents and children under two. 

Co-founders of Cuckooz Nest, Charlie Rosier and Fabienne O’Neill, hosted an event to highlight the crucial issues surrounding childcare in the UK and the devastating impact the current offering is having on working families. The night included a panel discussion hosted by renowned journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter. Harriet was joined by:

Alix Walker, Stylist’s Magazine Editor at Large

Matt Coyne, author of the Sunday Times’ Top Ten Bestseller, ‘Dummy’ and founder of popular blog Man vs. Baby. 

Clemmie Telford, Creative Director and founder of successful parent blog Mother of All Lists

Fabienne O’Neill, co-founder of Cuckooz Nest

Cuckooz Nest Launch Panel

Issues such as the lack of subsidised childcare up to three years old were central to the discussion along with the lack of information and education regarding Shared Parental Leave. Alix Walker, Editor at Large at Stylist Magazine said, “I use family. I ask for favours. I feel guilty asking for help in all the ways possible. My childcare costs are extortionate which is depressing and can make you feel like your work isn’t worth while,” while Clemmie Telford discussed Shared Parental Leave saying, “Shared parental leave is still not widely known about. The principle is good but it’s still a myth to some people. People don’t know how it works and some HR departments have never even heard of it!”

The high cost of childcare was discussed at length with Matt Coyne explaining that he had friends who had to remortgage their house to cover childcare costs. An audience member admitted to maxing out credit cards to cover childcare costs and planned to remortgage to repay these back once her children reached an age where they were eligible for subsidised childcare. 

Fabienne O’Neill explained that these issues were exactly why they’d launched Cuckooz Nest. “When we set up the business we knew that flexibility and cost were the main stumbling blocks for parents. We knew that some parents were being forced out of work because the maths didn’t add up when it came to paying for childcare and some were being forced out because the 9-5 day simply didn’t work when it came to raising a family. Because of this, we’ve created a fully flexible, affordable option, that allows parents to pay for childcare as and when they need it. There are a lot of parents working here that, without this option, simply wouldn’t be able to.”

Other issues such as the UK’s cultural approach to childcare versus that in countries such as Sweden was also thought to be having a negative effect on childcare offerings. Matt Coyne said, “It’s crazy but some men feel that taking Shared Parental Leave isn’t ‘manly’ which is ridiculous,” and Alix Walker supported this idea saying, “In Sweden, all I saw were dads looking after children and drinking coffee - the Latte Papas - they were having a great time and I thought, ‘Why isn’t this happening in the UK?”

Cuckooz Nest currently supports 70 working families at the current site and they hope to open another, larger site by Easter 2019. Charlie and Fabienne are also starting to work with large corporations to help them support their maternity returners and dads taking Shared Parental Leave by using Cuckooz Nest and its childcare options as a base.

The evening was a great success and celebrated this trailblazing business model. Hustle & Fox feel honoured to work with such visionary ladies.

Oh The Places You’ll Go…To Let Them Go

Hustle & Fox Huddle

Finding a nursery place can be really hard. There is so much to consider but if you're anything like me, it’s all about the feeling you get. You want to get that feeling much like the one you get when you walk in a new house you know you want to buy or when you meet someone new and know you’ll be friends forever; that feeling when something just clicks. 

We started working with Cuckooz Nest in April and I was so interested to see how it would work. Could I find somewhere I could work with zero distractions and somewhere that had childcare options that Roxy would love. Surely I’d have to compromise something, somewhere, right? Wrong.

Hustle & Fox Cuckooz Nest

Walking in through the nursery door, (in a stroke of genius there are separate doors for the workspace and the nursery) I immediately had that feeling. It was happy and welcoming and relaxed not to mention, beautifully thought out. That gut feeling I was hoping for was apparent immediately; I knew I’d feel super happy to leave Roxy in their ever-so-capable hands. All I had to do was walk around the corner and start work.

The Nursery uses the Family app to update you throughout the day with photos and videos so you feel at ease knowing what your little one is up to pretty much in ‘real time’. Just like most ‘regular’ nurseries they follow EYFS, again reassuring you that they are not only being looked after but also being stimulated and set on the right path. Although the nursery doesn’t have its own outside space (again something that I would want from a nursery) they are moments away from a lovely park and last week, while I was beavering away inside, I was sent pictures of Roxy living her best life in the sunshine. 

Hustle & Fox at Cuckooz Nest

The Workspace next door offers fixed desk or hot desk plans and has loads of lovely extras such as free tea and coffee, a great schedule of relevant events and activities, a shower, super fast wifi, printing facilities and even a bed under the stairs if you need a little disco nap (who doesn’t?). It allows me to work in peace, meet up with new and existing clients and see the other Hustlers knowing Roxy’s super happy and safe in the nest next door. 

Check out the images below to see what an amazing space and nursery Cuckooz Nest is.