A One Night Stand with Sass & Yosh

We love working with brands - it’s that simple. Big, small, creative, corporate…whatever you’re doing we can create something special together. Sas & Yosh is an amazing brand that Hustle & Fox have been proud to be associated with for a few years now. Starting as consultants to help them grow, raise their profile (and their sales!), Sas & Yosh are now an established design house with some amazing collaborations and collections under their belt.

On May 10th, we hosted a super sexy (!!) press day & exhibition for them at the wonderful No Such Place in Covent Garden. The evening showcased the huge body of work that the brand have created in such a short time from collaborations with Sanrio and Hello Kitty, to designing prints for uber cool fashion house Darkest Star. Of course, they have their own home, interiors and apparel collection which has taken instagram by storm.

A One Night Stand with Sas & Yosh was a celebration of everything this brand is doing attended by the most influential social media types we know and love.

Photography credits Stephanie Wolff

Tully screening at Soho House

May 3rd 2018: Hustle & Fox, in association with Universal Pictures, invited the most influential parents they know to an exclusive preview screening of the new Charlize Theron film ‘Tully’. Filling the room with the most influential people they know (with a potential combined Instagram reach of over 19million) in screening room 1 at the amazing Soho Hotel. ‘Tully’ is in cinemas from (May 4th).

Coming from the same people who brought us Juno, Tully is an incisive, raw and oh so real portrayal of womanhood and parenthood. It’s more than a ‘mum’ film - it’s a film for anyone who’s ever wondered what happened between their carefree twenties and their responsibility ridden thirties. It’s a film for anyone in a long term relationship that finds themselves drowning in responsibility and mundanity and, yes, it’s a film for parents. It’s also emotional, so bring a few tissues. 

Photography Emily Gray Photos

We Are Get To Know

On Wednesday 11th April, co-founder Cat Sims headed to the beautiful Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch to chat all things money at the We Are Get To Know event. We are Get To Know are a female-founded networking group dedicated to supporting women working in creative fields.

Joining Cat on the panel were Lauren Armes, founder of Well To Do Global, business coach and columnist for Women’s Health and Emilie Bellet, founder of Vestpod – a financial service designed to empower women financially.

The talk was hugely popular with over 70 women attending and discussions around how to earn what you need, how to ask for what you deserve and how to plan your finances so that they look after you when you’re not working, dominated the discussion.

Hustle & Fox highly recommends We Are Get To Know and everything that they are doing. To find out more about them head over to their website https://www.wearegettoknow.com