Tully screening at Soho House

May 3rd 2018: Hustle & Fox, in association with Universal Pictures, invited the most influential parents they know to an exclusive preview screening of the new Charlize Theron film ‘Tully’. Filling the room with the most influential people they know (with a potential combined Instagram reach of over 1.9million) in screening room 1 at the amazing Soho Hotel. ‘Tully’ is in cinemas from (May 4th).

Coming from the same people who brought us Juno, Tully is an incisive, raw and oh so real portrayal of womanhood and parenthood. It’s more than a ‘mum’ film - it’s a film for anyone who’s ever wondered what happened between their carefree twenties and their responsibility ridden thirties. It’s a film for anyone in a long term relationship that finds themselves drowning in responsibility and mundanity and, yes, it’s a film for parents. It’s also emotional, so bring a few tissues. 

Photography Emily Gray Photos