iLo Bloody Strong Campaign

iLo sanitary products - Join the Revolution

iLo sanitary products - Join the Revolution

When iLo approach Hustle & Fox to help them with an impactful instagram campaign, we knew we wanted to be involved. Not only is the founder of the brand, Jette, an inspiration, we were also personally invested. As an all-female agency, we recognise and fully understand the importance of what Jette is doing with iLo. The brand is non-profit and 50% of profits go to fighting period poverty while the remaining 50% goes to fighting plastics in the ocean. It was a no-brainer. 


Here was the issue though: while we as women understood the importance of what Jette was doing, we wanted to make this an issue that everyone, including men, adopted as important. We wanted to embrace the power of Instagram and showcase how periods affect anyone and everyone. Men live with women as life partner, they may have daughters. Their daughter’s friends may be missing school due to period poverty. There are women, living as men, who still bleed. Every woman, no matter their race, creed, religion and social sector bleed or have issues around bleeding. 

Hustle & Fox created the #BLOODYSTRONG campaign to help tackle the stigma surrounding periods. We wanted to imbue the concept of menstruation with images of strength, power and bad-assery. If we can’t fight period poverty in one day, we can start by making girls feel less ashamed of their bleeding, more empowered and more informed. We reached out to the insta community to help us spread the word and boy did they deliver.