Quinny + Hustle & Fox BRING IT ON

On Thursday May 9th, Hustle & Fox reunited with Quinny to host the BRING IT ON event. Hustle & Fox and Quinny worked together to create an event that celebrated all parents by recognising that parenting is no longer the typical 2.4 set up that many media outlets and brands portray it to be. The Hubb buggy was designed to be the perfect urban buggy, designed to overcome all the obstacles that city living has to throw at parents, and Hustle & Fox wanted to pull back the curtain on parenting and celebrate those amazing parents facing their own challenges by giving them a space in the conversation around parenting.


Held in east London at Hoxton Arches, the event started with a welcome session that saw influencers and press from all over the country attend. Coffee powered by a pedalling barista greeted them, along with bespoke macaroons by Dandelion & Cocoa. At 11.30, Hustle & Fox co-founder, Cat Sims, hosted a panel of incredible parents to discuss what parenting really looks like in so many households around the country.

Jamie Beaglehole is the founder of Daddyanddad.com and parent to sibling adopted boys, whom he adopted with his fiancé Tom five years ago. Jamie discussed the issues surrounding adoption, his experience in the system as a single sex parent, his experience of prejudice and what he hopes the future holds for his family and other families like it. 

Caro Greenwood is the mother of four children and raiser of 3. She describes her daughter’s autism as her superpower and discussed the difficulties her and the family face in the wake of her diagnosis. She is passionate about raising awareness around neurodiversity.

Remi Sade is a writer, podcaster and a black, single mum to a two year old. She launched her blog after falling pregnant while at university and has since grown to co-found the go-to podcast for single parents, “Alright for a Mum” and is the presenter of the Make Motherhood Diverse podcast. Remi discussed the realities of being a single, black mum and the difficulties surrounding the visibility of all people in media, social media and advertising. Remi talked about the responsibility of brands, agencies and people with a platform to call out companies not representing or giving space to diversity.

Laura Bailey from @thatmumwithcancer talked about the reality of becoming a single mum when she was 19. She discussed the difficulties of being young, a mum, and with little support and openly discussed her periods of homelessness. Laura later met her husband and went on to have two more kids only to be diagnosed with cancer and now living with stage 4 secondary breast cancer. It was humbling and inspiring to hear Laura talk so honestly and openly.

The event was a huge success with a turnout of over 75 people and extensive coverage across all social platforms for both Quinny and Hustle & Fox.