Tully preview screening at Soho House

In May 2018, Hustle & Fox partnered with NBC Universal to support the release of ‘Tullly’. Starring Charlize Theron, and from the same writers that brought us ‘Juno’, Tully is a film about motherhood, adulting, relationships and everything in between.

Hustle & Fox were contracted to raise the profile of the film amongst the parenting demographic and help generate social media buzz around the film.

We hosted an exclusive, preview screening at London’s Soho Hotel and invited some of the most influential parents on social media. Guests included Clemmie Hooper (Mother of Daughters, 490k) and Zoe de Pass (Dress Like A Mum, 103k) and total potential Instagram reach in the room was over 1.9 million.

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Tully screening
Tully screening
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